We are the first authorized centre that provides advisory and consultancy services. We provide a one stop destination to all your queries with expert advice. From purchase or sale to repair, our professionals help you decide by listing all pros and cons of a particular decision. Highly expert in this field, our experience and knowledge helps understand our customers need and suggest best of everything.


  1. While buying a new car
  2. Looking out for a second hand car
  3. Repair vs. sale
  4. Sale of old vehicle
  5. Trusting the exchange policy of companies


We cater to needs of customers who are looking for a new car or confused in taking any car related decision, but are uneducated in the required field. Our 25 years of experience helps the customer understand various aspects.

  • Fraud at sale showrooms: At most times, when customer goes to buy a new car, the salesman in their haste of earning commission might lay down several false benefits of a particular vehicle, here comes our role to enlighten the customer with true facts.
  • Server based feedback: We being the field have a survey based review for every vehicle in the market. We acknowledge the performance of the new vehicle in the market through the feedback of real customers.
  • Learn True facts and its expenses: Moreover our experts aim to educate you about general problems along with maintained expense before buying any new vehicle. 
  • Second hand car purchase sale: car scan centre provides advisory and consultancy for any second hand purchase or sale required. Educating you about benefits and drawbacks we aim to inform you about every aspect in the vehicle.
  • Minimal cost: car scan centre has always worked on its mantra of quality over quantity. However we understand your needs and provide the best consultancy services at a minimal cost.

Referring to the Past experiences of our customers, they have been highly satisfied from the car brought after consultancy with us.

Refer to our CEO hotline no. 9540080600 for expert details. Book a slot and we assure the best advice and consultancy.